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This portal aims to support schools, groups and associations in their fundraising campaigns. With its superior quality products from St-Albert Cheese, Say-Cheese will help you quickly reach your financial goal!

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www.say-cheese.ca (the "Site") is a web and mobile service that allow groups or organizations to get involved in fundraising by selling cheese. The Website is owned by Superstar Fundraising Inc. and St-Albert Cheese Co-operative Inc.

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Terms of Use

1. To create a fundraiser, each group (school, organization, etc.) must become a member of the Site and designate an individual in charge and at all times respect the terms of use of the Site that may be modified at any time by Superstar Fundraising Inc.

2. Superstar Fundraising Inc. reserves the right to refuse any entry or activity, particularly if the activity does not seem legitimate, if the content is offensive or violates the rights of third parties or for any other reason deemed reasonable by Superstar Fundraising Inc.

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4. Superstar Fundraising Inc. reserves the right to suspend or terminate, temporarily or permanently, any account of a member who does not act in accordance with these terms and conditions or restrict access to the Site without notice.

5. The site aims to provide a platform to collect orders and payment online. By becoming a member and using the Site, the group acknowledges that Superstar Fundraising Inc. only acts as intermediary and cannot guarantee in any way the quality and quantity of orders and payments on your page. We strongly encourage users to contact page administrators and carry out checks before an order. When you contribute to a fundraising campaign through Say-Cheese, you understand that no refunds will be made by Superstar Fundraising Inc. or St-Albert Cheese Co-operative Inc. for any reason whatsoever.

6. Generally, Superstar Fundraising Inc. disclaims all warranties, express or implied, in connection with the Site that is provided to you " AS IS" and offers no warranty or contractual responsibility for its quality, suitability for purpose of use, entirety or accuracy.

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This Agreement is the entire agreement between you and us relating to the Site and supersedes any agreement, understanding or prior arrangement between you and us.

Updated October 3, 2014