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This campaign aims to support schools, groups and associations in their fundraising campaigns. With its superior quality products from St-Albert Cheese, Say-Cheese will help you quickly reach your financial goal!

Your  fundraising  Campaign
in  5 easy  steps

Your fundraising Campaign
in 5 easy steps

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New Campaigns

Hockey filles - école Gisèle-Lalonde

Campagne de financement pour l'équipe d'hockey filles de l'école secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalon...

Details Until
December 15, 2016

Madeleine de Roybon

L'école élémentaire publique Madeleine-de-Roybon s’engage à offrir à tous les élèves de l...

Details Until
December 31, 2016

Sport event - GCGHPeeweeAA

Fundraising event for a girls hockey team. Gloucester Cumberland Stars. Peewee AA. ...

Details Until
December 12, 2016