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This campaign aims to support schools, groups and associations in their fundraising campaigns. With its superior quality products from St-Albert Cheese, Say-Cheese will help you quickly reach your financial goal!

Your  fundraising  Campaign
in  5 easy  steps

Your fundraising Campaign
in 5 easy steps

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New Campaigns

Alain Fortin

Chers parents, Le Conseil d’école est content d’offrir, pour une seconde fois cette année, la...

Details Until
April 4, 2017

SWC Grade 8 Graduation

Sir Winston Churchill Grade 8 Grades are fundraising for the Graduation Ceremony and Dance....

Details Until
April 7, 2017

Scouts St-Paul d'Aylmer

Merci de votre encouragement pour le groupe scout St-Paul d'Aylmer. ...

Details Until
March 27, 2017